Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seriously now...

Well, I figured I'd take this non-hormonal moment to blog. Lots going on these days...eldest is playing in 3 softball tourneys in November - one is for a travel team! Yes, you read that correctly. Of course when I played, all the teams were travel teams but anyhow...she was asked to play and this is only her third season playing. She plays with alot of heart and she loves the game so it's a joy to watch her. Although, I do get quite nervous for her cuz she is extremely "success oriented" and gets upset when she doesn't succeed the way "SHE" thinks she should. The youngest is being "promoted" to PreK next week! OMgoodness...when did that happen? He's very excited because now he'll be reunited with his "girlfriend" B. He says he has another one but he can't recall her name...typical man =0) He's sooooo funny - and everyone says they can't wait until he's a teenager...all are proclaiming that I'm deserving of all that is going to come my way. I have NO clue what they would be talking about...(my mother says, "yeah right" with a smile). It's a super fun time right now...I still get to enjoy little ones for a little longer anyway. I still consider SB to be a "little one" - of course she'll always be my baby - that little teeny tiny peanut we brought home on Easter Sunday 8 years ago (well closer to 8.5 now)...WOW!

I'm singing in the Messiah this year. Sang it last in 2003 and didn't really have the chops to do all that was asked of me. This time around, perhaps the chops will serve me much better. I'm feeling really good about my vocal progress and my vocal coach is AWESOME (even if she is a democrat - love ya E=0) So, I'm anxious to sing my Messiah stuff at my lesson on Sunday - hope to be pleasantly surprised.

I can't believe there are only 55 days until Christmas! What? Get outta here - NOT READY!!! I'm determined to get-r-dun earlier than normal if I can get the hubby to come along on that ride with me =0) We follow the "3 Wisemen Rule". Santa only brings 3 gifts plus the stocking. Anyway, guess I'll try and get started on my decorating in the next week or two since all of our November weekends will be spent at the ball field. Wow, makes me really appreciate all that time my parents spent toting me from park to park and all that "bleacher time"

Well, I'm still no slimmer but less bitter today. I'm just gonna be happy to BE and enjoy life and try to be more healthful. Of course, this is not to say that there won't be days when I wanna sling that stupid scale through the dang-ol window! But, I'm just gonna be who I am in the moment and try not to wreck my kids just because I'm not entirely pleases with my "vessel". I do know fer sure that it is a spiritual battle for me on several levels and at some point I'll be ready to put on my big girl pants and get busy.

I'll post "Hallerweenie" pics after the candy fest is over. I think we're gonna T-n-T with the cousins this year.

Until next time...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Horror-Mones for Halloween...

Well, I have to say that my frame of mind has greatly improved...I think perhaps due to the fact that I'm a month into the "shot" and perhaps my body is finally adjusting somewhat...phew! It may also be due in part to me biting the bullet and weighing only to discover that I haven't gained ...I haven't lost but I haven't gained so that helped my feelings...weird as that is. Soooo any how ways, I'm much less of the witch variety...not fully recovered but on the road to redemption so to speak =0).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She's sooo skinny - you know she MUST be unhappy..

YEAH RIGHT!!! Whoever said that...was STUPID!!! So, I'm in one of the foulest (and let me add ongoing) moods I've been in for QUITE some time. I'm not sure if it's the depo-provera or just the mere FATNESS of it all but I'm royally hacked!!! And never's not just limited to skinny people...I'm hacked at skinny people and those who are getting skinnier and those who are talking about getting skinny!!! I enjoy "spreading the wealth" as it were.

I'm soooo glad that everyone in the entire universe (me EXcluded) is able to lose weight! YAY for y'all...okay all us fat folks are just flippin THRILLED for be quiet about it already! Or better yet...just give me all your fat clothes...I need some new clothes.

Hey, but I'm not bitter...not AT ALL!

On a lighter note...I did find some fabulous makeup that has all but erradicated the "swarthy-ness" of it all. Origins is my new favorite thing!!!