Monday, May 5, 2008

Over 40 years of experience...

Yes, it's true OVER, MORE....whatever you wanna say, however you wanna say it....I have that much experience. Poor OLD me! Yes, Hormones + fatness+ birthday = PITY PARTY!!!! Before I turned the big 4-0 last year, I swore I was gonna lose this weight...ummmm, didn't happen. Then last year I said, okay, this is it - you can do it. And I gave myself another year...welp, here we are again and right back to the same pep talk..."I can do it - I can lose the weight - I'll start walking (or streakin' which is now the popular thing among some fitness buffs). And somehow, when I go home tonight, I'll be sooooooo dang tired that I'll do well to get dinner on the table, kids bathed and in bed before 8:30 and by then...EXERCISE?! What?! Ain't happenin! Then I say, okay, go to bed and get up in the morning and I try, but I end up going to sleep around midnight or so then try to get up at 4:45 or so to exercise. Guess what?! Yep, ain't happenin'. So I feel like a big rotten slug of a loser which makes me wanna eat the thing I LURVE most....chocolate. Feel like a bigger more see the cycle here....right?

Okay, I guess that's enough pity partying....I don't think even I can stand much more! ACK!


Alex said...

I'm with you. Exercise is overrated. I'm 28 and can't seem to make it happen, for the same reasons as you.

Maybe if I had to streak, it would give me incentive to have to work out...

Mezzo Forte said...

I wish the Lord would just "zap it" off! But then I wouldn't learn the "discipline thing" AGH!

I'm glad to know it's not just because am OLD =0)

Sarah said...

Yes, you're ancient. At least 6 months more ancient than me.

Mezzo Forte said...

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, hush Sayrah!

skoots1mom said...

If you're reading this MeMe (from Evan's Garden) then tag, You're it!

Here are the rules for this one:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

My closest book: STREAMS IN THE DESERT, L. B. Cowman
Page 123, 5th-8th sentences:

Let us remember that no earthly circumstances can hinder the
fulfillment of God's Word.
We must look steadfastly at His immutable Word and not at the uncertainty of this ever-changing world.
God desires for us to believe His Word without other evidence, and then He is ready to do for us according to our faith."

Sarah said...

Whazzda matta? Yo fangers broke?

skoots1mom said...

Readin'...not writin'...fowl! You have to write an extra good blog as penance : ) how i used that big religious werd??

Mezzo Forte said...

End of school....AHHHH! Lot's a har pullin goin on - more technological thang-a-mah-bobs to juggle than I kin count...I'll let muh fangers do the talkin AFTER May 23. And I'll try to make it a goodern!
How bout that Fiddle*Sticks? I believe she dun fell off the blog-O-sphere =0)

skoots1mom said...

i've seen her body walking around at the church...gess I shudda checked for her fangers!