Friday, September 12, 2008

It is what it is...awwww, crap!

Well here I sit listening to the clickety click of the keyboards as my fifth graders work on their keyboarding skills. My goal is to have all 5 graders proficient in keyboarding...rather lofty goal you say...oh well, just wait - I have more "goals"-

I would love to say that the 10 lbs I lost over the summer has been accompanied by more lbs moving away...but alas, it's not a fact. I have gained those 10 and now I'm working on more. I'm completely frustrated and completely fat! And on top of that...suddenly my skin has decided that it is going to be all "swarthy" and "Mediterranean" like it was in my youth. So any make up I put on runs down to my chin by the time I get to work. I look like a dadgum raccoon because even the waterproof mascara runs on me...can you believe it!!! Soooo, not happy about this particular physical sitch!

On the greener side of the voice lessons are really going well. I'm slooowly regaining my range (and if I'd take care of said fat issue my breath control and stamina would greatly improve ...ahhh, but I digress). Elise is workin' my buttocks off but it is soooo paying off. I'm almost excited to go to my voice lessons now. I really wish I had a would make practicing soooooo much easier. Right now, I'm using a pitch pipe (and not a very good one at that - you have to hold yer mouth jes right or it won't sound) okay, so anyway....HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY about this sitch!

Soooo, all the people around me are either skinny or getting skinny!!! HATE IT FOR ME! It's great for them...but not so much for me...makes me all jealous, which makes me depressed, which makes me eat chocolate, which makes me depressed, which makes me eat can already tell this ends badly.

Oh, did I mention that my face is all "zit ridden" like I'm a teenager...which obviously based on the "heat wave" I frequently experience I am not. I mean, let's just add insult to injury...I'm fat, swarthy AND zitty! OMG!!!!