Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let em eat cake...or something like that

My 8 year old DD wants to blog. Part of me thinks..."ooo, how cool would that be for her to start now and have it to look back on later" and another part says "hello, she's only 8". It would be something we would do together and she's pretty creative as far as the writing thing goes. She's very technologically minded and it might help her grow as a writer. Any thoughts out there in the blog-O-sphere? Should I let her "eat cake"?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I can't see the comments from the Disney post until I post another entry...what's up with that? Has anyone had that happen it a user problem? =0)
Ok, so now I can't see them even AFTER I post another I on an episode of the "Twilight Zone"? doo,doo,doo,doo,doo (ya the theme song)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Disney Days

For those of you that may not know...I sang with the Voices of Liberty at WDW's EPCOT Center from '91 - '94. This is one of the medleys we did...the soprano soloist is my old roommate - she's awesome!!!! No, I'm not in the clip...there was no YOUtube or blog-o-sphere back in the day =0). You can see/hear more VOL music on YouTube...ahhhh, good times - lot's of fun! Can you believe at one time I had the voice to sing in this group? ...seems like forever ago.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fallin Ouuta the Nest

We have the sweetest if not sometimes dopey black lab named Bella. She will be 2 years old in October this year and is still VERY MUCH a puppy. This weekend, to my horror, she found a bird's nest...yes, there were wee one in the nest. I'm not sure how she got them but she did. The first one she played with until it ummm...let's say expired. I tried to get her to drop the bird so that I could attempt a rescue, but the more I yelled "DROP IT" the bigger a game she thought it was. Then the chase commenced, which made her think - "COOL I've got my human out here playing chase with me so I'll hold on to this little squishy toy." The next day...birdie #2, I did manage a rescue and I put it back in A nest, not sure it was THE nest but anyhow way...I tried. I had to put it in the nest twice....not sure if it made or not, as I went out later to check on it but didn't hear chirping and couldn't really see in the nest. Kinda reminds me of myself. I keep "fallin out of the nest" and Jesus comes everytime, scoops me up and puts me back in the nest. He loves me enough to do that no matter how many times I fall out. WAY COOL!