Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm going to take this opportunity to vent...I really cannot believe that educated, Americans think that any form of socialism is good and will work to make things better! I don't want the government to tell me which doctors I have to see or take my children to see! I don't want to pay for abortions here and abroad! I don't to pay for privileges for folks who are here illegally! I DO NOT believe that the Constitution of the United States is an "out-dated" document and needs revision or, worse yet needs to be nullified!!! Seriously?! What planet is Pelosi REALLY from...Is this really what all these"supporters of change" want? Do we really want the government to be able to tell all of us where, how, when and for what we can spend our money, time and energy?! NO!! Do we really want our leaders to bankrupt the coal industry? An industry, that for many is the only work they have in their region! My grandfather was a coal miner - that's how he provided for his family, how he kept them off welfare and what helped him continue to contribute to the up keep of his home and family after he was paralyzed in a coal car accident. What will "the administration" do to replace the jobs of all those miners if the "cap and trade" goes through? Have they really thought about that...American communities that are already living in or near poverty (yes, we have those communities right here in the good ol USA) will be driven further into the "hole". Wow, now that's what I call CHANGE!!!!

It's so funny to me that when "the left" protests or believes something is wrong they're held up as progressive thinkers and proponents of change but when "the right" does the same, it's called a "gathering of a bunch of nuts and kooks" - "the left" wants the world to show tolerance for their causes and beliefs, yet they don't afford that same luxury to anyone else. Hmmmm, HELLO "POT"!!!!

Now, I ask you...if I go to France, do I have the option to "press 2 to hear directions in English"? NO I DO NOT! In Mexico, do have the option of having the grocery aisle labeled in Spanish on one side and in English on the other....NO I DO NOT! If I visit these countries, I'm expected to either know their language or get by as best I can. If I'm in a country other than America that has a large English speaking population, do I see the weather alerts flash in 2 languages? Again, the answer is NOPE! I live in America - I shouldn't have to "press 1 to hear directions in English" and the French shouldn't have to "press 1" in France and the Mexican shouldn't have to "press 1" in Mexico... If I'm going to move to France, then I should make it a point to learn their language before I get there (at least well enough to communicate effectively).

We have our first multi-racial president...great, wonderful - it's progress! Now, let's support him and his party as they take us to the trash heap, throw us under the bus, rob us of our "American-ness" - This is NOT the kind of change I want and I'd reeeeeally like to believe that even those who stand to the left of the aisle don't want that either. If socialism and communism work so well, then why are there sooooo many emigrants from those countries flocking to America. If they thought that this form of government was good and worked to help all citizens...then why are they HERE, in America...the "land of opportunity"? Has anyone "on the hill" asked themselves that question?

I read a remark made by a friend of mine from college and was taken aback by what she said. She remarked how she "hated everything G.W. stood for and was..." Okay, this is a person who professes to be a Christian-and her words bother me a great deal. G.W. is a Christian as well, this is something he "was"-family and Christian values something he stood for - he sought God's wisdom and guidance through prayer something else he stood for...so am I to believe that she "hated" those things - "EVERYTHING" encompasses a whole bunch a business! Do I agree with every decision that those in leadership make...no, was he perfect, no -NO PRESIDENT IS NOW OR EVER WILL BE PERFECT! I admire G.W. because he wasn't in any way ashamed of his faith...can as much be said for our current leader?

We are definitely on the brink of change - at a crossroad so to speak...but is it a change for the better or one that is going to turn us into an international laughing stock? I was listening to the National Anthem being played at a recent sporting event...and as I listened, I got teary-eyed (which I usually do) but this time it wasn't for the same reasons that I normally do - this time it was because I wondered how much longer we'd be able to hear that song played as our anthem...will that be yet another "change"?

I am proud to be an American and I'm grateful for the freedoms that are afforded to us as LEGAL Americans. I'm proud that anyone who wants to build a better life can legally enter this country and do so.

I did not vote for our current president, but he is the president and I need to pray for him. Pray for God's wisdom and guidance...even if he himself doesn't seek it. As a nation that, contrary to popular belief, was and is founded on Godly principles, we need to be on our knees before our Lord, praying and fasting for our country and its direction and leadership. I believe EVERYONE regardless of race, creed, religion, politics, etc. should have the opportunity to live in freedom and pursue happiness in the way that they see fit as long as those methods are within the law and don't infringe on the rights and liberties of others.

Our current leader is NOT the "saviour" of the world...he is fallible flesh and blood, imperfect just like the rest of the human race. He puts his pants on the same way the rest of us do. I only know of ONE Saviour of the world...and His name is JESUS and no matter what happens...HE is still in control of spinning the "big blue ball" - and for that I am thankful!!!


Libby said...

amen sista!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Would ya please run for office? I recommend that you take Spector's place.