Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She's sooo skinny - you know she MUST be unhappy..

YEAH RIGHT!!! Whoever said that...was STUPID!!! So, I'm in one of the foulest (and let me add ongoing) moods I've been in for QUITE some time. I'm not sure if it's the depo-provera or just the mere FATNESS of it all but I'm royally hacked!!! And never fear...it's not just limited to skinny people...I'm hacked at skinny people and those who are getting skinnier and those who are talking about getting skinny!!! I enjoy "spreading the wealth" as it were.

I'm soooo glad that everyone in the entire universe (me EXcluded) is able to lose weight! YAY for y'all...okay all us fat folks are just flippin THRILLED for ya...now be quiet about it already! Or better yet...just give me all your fat clothes...I need some new clothes.

Hey, but I'm not bitter...not AT ALL!

On a lighter note...I did find some fabulous makeup that has all but erradicated the "swarthy-ness" of it all. Origins is my new favorite thing!!!


skoots1mom said...

what's origins?

feelin' ur pain, gurl...i'm struggling, no, drowning...i'm gonna go put a b12 under my tongue now...

L said...

I hear ya...

was going to comment that you need a new post, but you did...next time add pics of the littles...hee hee hee


Sarah said...

Well I'd leave you my fat clothes but they are too big for you. It'll get better when your horror-mones settle down.

In the meantime... I'm just gonna duck on outta here and awayssssssssssssss from yous.

Lurve you.