Sunday, July 27, 2008

Six Random Things About Myself

One of my favorite blog buddies ("tagged" me with a new meme (thoughts transmitted from one blogger to a group) and each member of the group answers the same questions/ideas and continues the process.Here are the tag rules:

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3. Write six random things about yourself.

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#1 Random Thing:
I sang background vocals for Jeff Cook (lead guitar and singer in the group ALABAMA) and The Chosen Few...yes, I was one of the "chosen few"

#2 Random Thing:
For 3 years, I sang professionally with the Voices of Liberty at Walt Disney's EPCOT Center - best job I've ever had...soooo much fun!

#3 Random Thing
I sung "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" with it's original lyricist, Ralph Blane - he sang the song beautifully every year at Disney's Christmas Candlelight Ceremony until his death at the age of 81.

#4 Random Thing
I attended 5 colleges (Tennessee Wesleyan, Lee University, Cleveland State, Valencia Comm. College, Armstrong Atlantic State Univ.) over a 9 year period, starting in the fall of '85 and FINALLY finishing in '99. I started out as a music education major with an emphasis in vocal and choral music in '85 but graduated '99 with a bachelor's degree in early childhood ed. ( I took a break from higher education from '91 - '94 to sing at WDW)

#5 Random Thing
I enjoy entertaining, having parties, etc...but don't do it often because my kids keep my house an absolute wreck!

I almost attended Hiawassee Jr. College in Maryville, TN on partial scholarships for fast pitch softball and music.

soooooo, I have hardly anyone to tag cuz Skoot1 and Turning Points already tagged everyone I know except for:

Nancy- encourager, loving mother, great friend

Alex - preacher, teacher and all around cool dude - sorry to tag you but our bloggin' buds left me no choice =0)


skoots1mom said...

we got to get some more people at church bloggin'...

that is so cool about Ralph Blane...i love getting to meet writers and composers!
When I was in high school, our director was a graduate from FSU, so he was very much into our having a full experience.
I got to meet Vaclav Nelhybel,internationally renowned composer...born in Polanka, Czechoslovakia, studied at the Conservatory of Music in Prague (1938-42) and musicology at Prague University and the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. We were playing his symphonic orchestra piece, CHORALE, in 1976 for Festival and he came and spent a day "beating" us into playing the music HIS way! His need for us to correctly portray movement and pulsation kept us moving in our seats as we tried to be so attentive to his markings. I just love the rhythm and meter throughout his pieces.

It was awesome...he smoked like a steam engine as he wore a black turtleneck and black pants, the quintessential artist for sure. In 1978, he was awarded the "Oscar" of the band world, an award from the Academy of Wind and Percussion Arts, so I look back on it with real awe--he passed away in 1996.

Sarah said...

A messy party is better'n no party a'tall.


Gotta get some girlfriend time before going back to the school house.

Anonymous said...

How is school going?