Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Could that dress BEEEE any shorter?

Okay, this picture was taken when I was 4 1/2 years old - but what makes this a special picture is that it was taken at the wedding of Mike and Beverly Childs (whom my Dad married). These folks are the parents of Candy Childs - whom my Dad married up with Kevin Harbour two weeks ago.

Seeeeee....I was skinny, sweet and oh so cute at one time in my life. Getta load of those BANGS!


Sarah said...

girlfren' you look lak yo mama

and I was once a skinny-minny, too

skoots1mom said...

r u sure that's not a top and u forgot to put on your pants!
just funnin' ya! I think u stole my shoes...and my tights. My mama used to dress me like that but I never looked that good. I barely had hair at that age...white wisps is what I had.

c u Sunday!