Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I want one too!

We were with some friends who have adorable 9 month old twin boys. They are sooooo cute and so at the really fun infant age...
I had always imagined myself having at least 4 kids (of course that was when I also imagined that I'd be married by the time I was 23....which didn't happen). I love children and I adore my own but one more....ahhhh, that'd be soooo sweet! I'd even be okay with a twofer - ya know twins...but I'm the pink zebra at the OB/Gyn office or at least I was when I was preggers with Garrett. They treat you like you just kill over at any minute due to your "advanced maternal age" ARGH! If my body and emotions (and mother) could tolerate another pregnancy....ooooo, I'd sooooo have another little one....but I am so blessed with two wonderful healthy kiddos - lights of my life!

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Sarah said...

Uh ... go for it?
Not me, no way.