Friday, April 4, 2008

Same song....different verse

Okay, I really mean it! I'm going to get this weight off (or at least some of it) before my birthday in May (how'd ya like that little plug?) I must, I must, I must DECREASE my bust!!!!! and various other parts.
So today, I make a promise - I promise not to eat the entire world while on spring break next week (hallelujah Friday came ...see "Where for art thou, spring break"). I will free the playroom of all superfluous happy meal toys and other random, tiny, make me crazy toys that no one ever plays with but still seem to finds a home on the playroom floor. I will clean my house from top to bottom (most likely with the help of a courageous professional - they'll have to be brave to come to my house - YIKES). I will work in the yard without almost cutting off any appendages or at least I'll try. I will try to make myself make time to exercise everyday (perhaps it will be habit forming). Welp, that's kinda more than one ain't it?
Seems a bit ambitious I know, but perhaps if I know y'all have read'll keep me accountable.

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Sarah said...

I read it.
I will pledge to sleep in.
I will pledge to clean my house.
I will pledge to walk on my treadmill since my husband bought a new TV for the exercise room and then mounted speakers on the wall behind the treadmill since I couldn't hear the TV when I did actually go and use it. *breathe* The one time I used it. *cough*

Now what was I saying?
Oh yeah. I read it.