Saturday, April 12, 2008


I will NEVER...I mean NEVER put wallpaper in a house! The folks who built our house put wallpaper or a border EVERY stinkin WHERE!!! Kitchen, foyer, bathrooms (yes, all 3), bedrooms...musta had stock in a wallpaper company. And to add insult to injury, they used atomic everlasting wallpaper glue to adhere it to the UNpainted drywall. Now for those of you who have never hung or removed wallpaper...the cardinal rule is NEVER, EVER hang wallpaper on a "nekked" wall because when some poor schlep comes along later and tries to take it down...all religion is lost along with most of the flippin drywall. And then there's the whole "how do you get the wallpaper off that is behind the turlet" scenerio...are you kidding me...I mean c'mon people...if yer detemined to hang wallpaper leave the turlet wall off and just paint it a nice accent color or hang floor length "love the 70's " beads from the ceiling...something...ANYTHING but WALLPAPER. I have been standing on my head and contorting my hands and arms in ways that could very well get me a second job as a carnival side show...SERIOUSLY!

Okay, but other than's all good.


skoots1mom said...

wut a purty pitcher u paint for many times did u cut a notch in the dry wall? Fun, fun, fun...hey, I have a "steamer" if you are still trying to remove it.

U use that rolly thing that has a ball with points sticking out and it make holes all in the wallpaper, then you run the steam over it and then it peels off pretty easy with a scaper...we used it in ChannaBaby's bath and it kept us from spending OURS and OURS from standin' on R heads!

Now to the important part, wut color r u paintin' the room?

Robin Lambright said...

I feel your pain. My very first house in L'ville had metallic silver and lime green bamboo wallpaper in the hall bathroom and giant brown (yes brown) flowers on it up the hall way. There was wall paper in both bathrooms which was applied direclty over the drywall. When we went to remove it the same thing happen. My house was covered with a fine layer of drywill dust for everal weeks until DH was able to get it mudded over and smoothed back out. All this and a new baby to boot. Needless to say I have never had wallpaper ever again.

Anonymous said...

You said it, sister. Wallpaper is the worst. "all religion is lost along with most of the flippin drywall" That made me laugh right out loud! SK is right - you paint quite the picture. Try not to pull anything!

Pam said...

We had some awful stuff in our kitchen on the nekkid (I love that!) drywall. So, my DH, bless him, took it off, and now it looks like we have one of those faux finished plaster walls. You know, with the uneven surface.