Monday, March 31, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend or TMI...

Wow! What a weekend! We "married off" a dear longtime family friend in south GA (Sara Beth was a flower girl) on Saturday night AND THENNNNNNN we hauled it back up to "the city" for the children's musical on Sunday evening. It was my swan song as the Carol Choir director and Sara Beth had a solo! She was AWESOME (if I do say so myself). Soooo, my 7 year old had a "glamorous" weekend. She EVEN got a "french manicure" - she thought she was "hot stuff" and of course...she totally was!

At the reception, my children provided entertainment as dancers! When I get the pictures I'll post them. They both had their boogie shoes on - it was quite a sight to see! I got to looking for Sara Beth and couldn't find her anywhere on the dance floor - when I noticed this HUGE circle of dancing adults - ya know the "putcha in the middle so you can show yer stuff" Soul Train dancing circle...guess who's in the middle...SARA BETH!!! Those adults were hootin and hollerin and cheerin her on. She was eating it up...and Garrett found a stage - climbed up and did a little solo action. They both danced the ENTIRE time we were there from 6:30 until 10:00! Garrett was "bustin a move" BIG TIME. At one point, he had a cap on backwards (his dad's "trophy" from the wedding golf tourney) pretending to hold a mic in one hand while inciting the crowd to "raise the roof" with the other hand! One of our good friends (Uncle of the bride) said, "I didn't know the preacher was raisin' exotic dancers" (for those who may not know...I'm a PK - my dad is a preacher - does that explain "ME" a little better=0D

Anyway, I was asked to inflict my voice on those attending the wedding - I wouldn't have done it but I've known the bride all of her life - I was there when she born so when she asked.... I couldn't tell her NO. Well, actually I tried to tell her NO but she wouldn't hear it. I'm glad I did it for her. My dad performed the ceremony - he also performed the bride's parents' ceremony back in 1971 (as well as all of the bride's aunts and uncles weddings - on her mom's side. We're ALL originally from the Holy Land...oh, ummmm I mean, Tennessee and my Dad was their pastor "back in the day") It's pretty cool though, cuz my dad was one of the first folks to see Candy (the bride) other than her daddy just after her birth and now he was able to be the officiating minister. I told you it was pretty cool.

Soooooo, just prepare yourselves for pictures from the wedding and video from the musical...I'm just sayin!

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