Thursday, March 20, 2008

Amazing Love

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Fiddle*sticks said...

Behold He has made ALL THINGS new! And that includes me, baby!

Oh, the tears, they are a-streaming.

It's so amazing that you would post this tonight. I've been in deep study for the last few hours, reading about carrying your cross. I want to share something I read with you. Really let it sink in. Oh He is merciful.

"Jesus invites all who travail and are heavy laden to throw off their own yoke and take his yoke upon them - and his yoke is easy, and his burden is light. The yoke and the burden of Christ are his cross. To go one's way under the sign of the cross is not misery and desperation, but peace and refreshment for the soul, it is the highest joy. Then we do not walk under our self-made laws and burdens, but under the yoke of him who knows us and who walks under the yoke with us. Under his yoke we are certain of his nearness and communion. It is he whom the disciple finds as he lifts up his cross."

Glory! Read that last sentence again! When I get over myself and take up my cross, guess who I find under there lifting it up and carrying it with me! It is not a burden then, but a joy and a thrill to carry my cross, because I do so with my precious Savior!

Oh I love Him. I do I do I do.

Thanks for posting this video. It's just what I needed to see. You put a visual with my reading!