Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jumpin on the bandwagon!

Well - if EVERYONE else jumped off a bridge, I reckon I would too. Thus, I will BLOG! Can't imagine I'd have anything to say worth reading, but perhaps someday my kids will get a kick outta reading how dopey their momma was/is! I guess I can force y'all to come along on my journey to rediscover the lost singer within...she's been struggling now for about 8 years but is finally re-emerging thanks to a great vocal coach named Elise..."HOLLA"!

Soooo, anyone who knows me, knows I can't go for very long without telling a "kid story"...
Well, I shant disappoint..

The other day my son "made a stinky" as we like to call it at our house. So to speed up the clean up, I decided to use a wet wipe - to which my son loudly protested while bent over my leg practically standing on his head..."don't wipe me with a wet wipe - I don't need a wet wipe" to which I replied "yes, you do" to which HE replied, "It makes me dizzy!" "What does?" I inquired. His response..."The wet wipe!"
So just in case you ever wondered...wiping the ol' tushy with a wet wipe may cause you shouldn't operate a fork lift or any other heavy machinery while using them. Of course, if you're operating heavy machinery in this particular're probably headed "downtown" and I don't mean in the fun, gotta buy some sassy new shoes, kinda way!

Welp, gotta start somewhere - guess this was as good a place as any.

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Fiddle*sticks said...

Oh Lord have mercy, we've got a winner! Sweet Lesley Ratcliffe has a blog! I'm so excited, I just don't even know what to do with myself. Although, is Mezzo Forte supposed to be a joke? You are nothing if not fortissimo, babe ;) Can't wait to read more!