Monday, March 17, 2008


My kids are notorious for what we like to call at our house "Archie-ism". Ya know, how ol Archie Bunker would get reeeeally close to the right word but just off enough to be ya see where I'm goin'...Well, these "Archie-isms" always make my husband and me chuckle out loud (of course they are OUR kids so we think that they are THE brightest, funniest, most wonderful....okay, I'll get ahold of myself- sorry)...

Sooooo, moving right along....I'm never near pencil/paper and I'm not all fancied up with all the cool techno gizmos that could record/write or otherwise save for posterity these wonderful little "isms" so I'm going to record them here as they come to me:0D

"Mommy, my tummy is grouchin'" (Garrett)
"Holy Mat-Girl" instead of "Holy Mackerel" (Sara Beth)
"Dad, can we go somewhere more expensidiv to eat?" (Sara Beth)
"Mom, did you see that velcro?" (Sara Beth - she meant VULTURE)
"You're crackin me nuts" (Sara Beth)
"You crack me off" (Garrett)
"quarter potty"(aka porta-potty)." (Sara Beth)
"you're bein mean at me" (Garrett)

Obviously, there will be more....=0)

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skoots1mom said...

Ten years ago when my "little one" was truly little, I was singing to her in bed and then reading her night-time story. As I read and animated my voice, she exclaimed, "Mommy, Mommy, look!" "Look at what?", I said.

"Your hands, Mommy, you have're 'rusting', like Nana!"

Thank you, Jesus, for what my granny called "liver spots" and what my child calls "rusting"...I have laughed and laughed over this for the last ten years.

Out of the mouths of our babes!
SK : )