Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Meals....WHY?!

Happy Meals DO NOT make ME happy! Why? Those crappy toys!! They work for 10 seconds or you can't EEEEVEN get the flippin' thing to work or they never STOP working (even after being baptized by emersion) - and of course your kids want you to open this toy as soon as the infamous happy meal box touches your fingers. So you take out said "toy" and it is wrapped in stinkin industrial strength plastic - requiring hedge clippers or a hack saw to open. Piranah couldn't tear open this plastic. I think they should make prison cells outta this stuff - no one could EVER escape! So then, where does this "priceless gem" end up? On the floor in my van OR as yet another "tub toy" (like I need one more thing to stumble over in the morning or to inadvertently impale or otherwise inflict injury upon my "pre-caffienated" self). Our playroom is full of these lovely little items - and when you try and sneak one to the poly-cart there are tears and lamenting...."I've been looking for that for a long time!" Oh puh-leeeease! There are 15 thing-a-muh-jiggers just like this in the van - under the seat, in "the way back" as Garrett says (a.k.a the bench seat in the back of the van) and in the luggage/grocery/softball bag storage compart-tah-mentay. One of these days - I'm gonna take that stinkin toy outta that box and throw right back through the pick up window!

Sendin' out a "THANK YOU" holla to Captain D's for no toys just food! Love ya!

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skoots1mom said...

And, it's really sad when Mommy has a harder time throwing them away than my child...

I worked hard getting a lot of Pocahontas and the raccoon! The collection is still in my guest room...

maybe I'll make a lamp out of them one know, one of those glass bases, full to the brim with all the cartoon characters.

Maybe you and I could go in together and market them...cause you can always find little bags of them at garage sales!
SK : )