Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let me say it again...I HATE TO DIET!!!!

ARRRRRGH! I hate being so dang "fleshy"! I mean seriously, why is it always soooooo stinkin' EASY to gain weight and soooooo stinkin hard to lose it. I think the putting on and taking off process should be equally simple! If you eat 1 Krispy Kreme donut everyday which caused you to gain 10 lbs, then I think if you stop eating said donuts...you should lose that pesky 10 lbs without having to listen to Leslie Sansone telling you to "pick it up, left, right" while intermittenly attempting to add humor (Honey, don't give up yer day job)! I think that for every 16oz of stank ol plain tasteless water one drinks in a day...you should lose that much weight times 2 in the same day(I mean there should be significant reward for giving up fizz and taste). And why is it that we, as women lose weight slower than men?! I can "Walk Away the Pounds" till I'm blue in the face....poot myself into oblivion while attempting to do pilates....ride my bike (ya get my drift) and my husband mows the lawn on Saturday and drops a pant size! Whasssup wid dat? humph!


Sarah said...

Preach it sister.
I walked on the treadmill for the first time in ____ years.

skoots1mom said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your "what goes in" is "harder to get off"...the older I get the harder it gets.
And what's with this...when I am diligent with my exercise, it's not long before I get "injured" in some way and have to back off or else I can't move!

All I know to do is "keep truckin'"...that brought back some memories, didn't it! We'll do the best we can and love our thoughts of Heaven where my neck won't hurt, my body will be remade to its GLORY and I'll be praisin' JESUS ALWAYS! \0/

SusanK : )

Robin Lambright said...

My favorite topic (not!!) I went shopping yesterday and this afternoon for something new to wear or Easter. I think that the fashion industry must think that all plus size women have no sense of style. All the really attractive cloths are all a size six and then when you go into the women’s section you find all the prints that would work well as table cloths and shower curtain in a trailer parks. Why would I want to cover the expanse of my backside with a neon magenta sequined encrusted starburst. I think not.
I here ya, and I am with you all the way! It sucks in a major way!