Thursday, March 20, 2008

"The Lecture"

So, the kids are riding with Sebe to SB's softball practice Tuesday night and he overhears the following:

SB: Garrett, if somebody you don't know offers you candy do not take it. Run away and find me if Mom and Dad aren't around. I'll take you to them.

G: (listening intently and nodding in the affirmative)

SB: I mean it. Don't you take candy from anybody unless you ask Mom and Dad or come and find me so I can take you to them.

*The "lecture" as it were, goes on like this for several minutes with Garrett continuing to listen intently all the while nodding "YES"
This is how that conversation ended...

SB: Garrett, seriously, I mean it. If you don't believe me ask Mom. She has MORE THAN 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!"

I love that she is listening to the things we are telling her and that she wants to pass that information along to little brother but isn't that kinda like saying "You don't sweat much for a fat girl." Hmmmm, have to get back to ya on that one =0D

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Anonymous said...

hahaha. wow. that is hilarious. your kids are so funny. :)
~Leah F